A trip and now I’m back

Where have I been? I haven’t popped in for awhile I know. But this time I wasn’t at home, as we took a much needed trip away! We packed up the car and headed North for a spot of camping to unwind and recharge (of sorts anyway).


Our destination? Well, originally we were heading to Red Rock, a tiny seaside town where you camp literally over the sand dune from the beach but right on the river bank too (it’s on an estuary in short). Perfect for floating down the river and catching waves. However (you so knew that was coming), the weather had other ideas, yep those are fantastic and gorgeous storm clouds you can see below. The camping sites were under water and the weather was looking threatening so a change of plans was in order.


red rock storm clouds

After checking out a couple of other camping grounds it was clear that wasn’t going to happen for the first night, so we checked ourselves into a lovely hotel (complete with buffet breakfast) till morning to reassess what our options were! As morning broke we were greeted with this fantastic day as we headed down to the beach from the hotel. Yep we were the only ones to be seen and my lovely lady posed for photos!


beach  beach bub

Beach at aqualuna  beach with bub

footprints in the sand  IMG_7104

But we hadn’t packed up the car to go camping to stay in a hotel so we headed into Coffs Harbour and checked into Park Beach Holiday Park. This place holds lots of memories for me as my dad hails from these shores. Every year or so we would head up the Pacific Hwy from Sydney and camp at the very holiday park I was now staying at with my lady, I’ll admit while the location is the same the grounds have changed a lot! We got the tent up, the sunshade up, the camp kitchen up and then relaxing set in! There were swims at the beach, swims in the pool (with bonus injuries lucky me – tip head first down the waterslide ends bad if you put head down too soon) and lazy strolls around the park. I crocheted and cooked dinner and the lady edited away AKA put red pen all over someone’s manuscript, which is her idea of fun and relaxing! (Writing a book? Want it edited? Check her site out HERE


camping set up  camping me

After a few days of chillin’ we went for a drive out to Dorrigo just cause we could. There were dirt roads, farms, forests, roadside forages, rivers and water falls and limited photos (sometimes taking out the camera goes into the “oops I forgot” basket)!


Bellinger river  Dangar Falls

To top off our time away we spent time with my Aunty’s, Uncle’s and Cousin’s! It had been 2 years since I had seen them all so the trip was long overdue! AND I got to meet my new second Cousin for the first time!! She was too cute and very proud of herself as she learnt to push her walker and stand on her own (and she isn’t 1 till May)! Hopefully it won’t be 2 years till I see them all again!!!!

Me with Miss A

After all that it was time to head home, back to the reality of work and paying bills. But a few outtakes from our trip to leave you with:

  • Not only did I smash my nose on the waterslide going face first, I also managed to crack my knee on the step getting out of the pool. I hit it that hard I was lucky not to have cracked/dislocated my knee cap which is now sighting a lovely bruise!
  • The trip to Dorrigo wasn’t so straight forward. We decided to go the back road through a town called Coramba. However after driving the 30mins or so out there we discovered the road was closed and we needed to drive all the way back into Coffs Harbour, down the highway and out the other road. What was meant to be a leisurely 2hr or so trip turned into a 4.5hr epic!
  • I sat on a camping chair and went straight through. Yep I broke the chair. Lucky the family were close, a quick call, a 10min car trip and we had seating again!
  • When the morning came to pack up to head home it rained. And rained. And rained. Needless to say when we got home everything need to be dried. (This is the worst thing about camping – when it rains you pack up twice!)

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