Time for a change

After two weeks of creating stuff for Master B for Celebrate the BOY I needed a change. The result new clothes for Miss L! Miss L had her Christening and gifts were in order. Now I know these aren’t the traditional gifts for a Christening (and I promise there was also something more appropriate in the gift as well) but I couldn’t resist making some girly things after the two weeks of all boys!


First up was a navy corduroy pinafore dress, with appliqued apple. This dress has my old label on it (and I really really need to do new ones) as it was started some time ago, so I was totally excited to finally finish it. How awesome are the buttons?!


Pinafore apple dress  Pinafore apple  Pinafore button

Next up was a new shirt and nappy covers! During the Celebrate the BOY I discovered I love sewing with knits! I had never really put aside a lot of time for them, but I really got into it, in fact I have now gone on the hunt for some spunky knit fabrics – so far I am not having much luck. Any suggestions for here in Oz? Anyway for the top I used Dana’s Baby Tank pattern and I made it just a tad smaller since Miss L is just 6 months old and on the small size! The fabric was a girls dress I picked up on clearance for $3 bargain! The nappy covers pattern is one I have had for awhile now by Betty Kingston. But if you want to make your own Dana has a pattern for that too (I promise this post is not sponsored by her in anyway)!


singlet  singlet and nappy covers  nappy covers yellow

Lastly as winter approaches an ambitious knitting project can be revealed. This beanie was a nightmare in all honesty, ends everywhere and trying to carry wool up the side when I could. Next time I knit one of these beanies it will be in the round (if and I say IF I ever embark on it again) but the final result is pretty darn cute!


fair isle beanie

I had hoped I would get this post on a tad earlier but between work, birthdays, Engagement parties, Christening’s, trips to Sydney for meetings time well and truly got away! But it is here now so all is good! Is anyone else finding 2013 busy? I feel like we haven’t stopped!

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