The Urban Pants

Celebrate the BOY has started and Master B’s winter wardrobe is on its way. Today I’m sharing with you The Urban Pants! This isn’t really a tutorial or pattern, but more so just a hip and happening pair of toddler pants that just looked so urban, so I gave them a name!

The urban pants

These pants started their life as a pair of size 14 boys shorts purchased for the bargain price of $2 on clearance at kMart! Then using my adapted MADE basic pants pattern I kept as much of the detail bits as I could and converted them into pants (about a size 1)!

Maroon pants before  maroon pants after

I love that I managed to save all the pockets and the side seam. A quick list of what I did:

  • Cut the short along the back crutch and down the inseam. Opening up the shorts.
  • Folded down the waist band allowance on the pattern and lined it with the top of the shorts
  • Slightly overlapping the side seams of the front and back of the pattern I traced the pants onto the shorts (I really should have got photo’s of this) and cut them out.
  • Basically this left me with only 3 seams to sew – the front, the back and the inseam (of course I also hemmed them)
  • That is pretty much it. It was a little fiddly cause of the back pockets. Oh, I also angled the front belt loops and added a 3rd belt loop (it’s covering the rough front seam)

The best thing was they contained adjustable elastic!! So I just shortened it up and now they can be tightened and loosened as required!

maroon pants back   Maroon pants adjustable

So happy with how they came out. Master B is going to be rockin these Urban Pants!!!

maroon pants after

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