The Pixie Hat

Every boy needs a winter cap, so why not make it a pixie hat!


Ok, I’ll admit that was pretty lame but it just sounded so cute so I’m running with it! Today I moved away from the machine and got out the old wooden needles and got clicking away to make Master B a beanie. It is super cute and looks even cuter on!


pixie cap

For the pixie cap I used THIS awesome pattern from I knitted the large size with 10ply-ish wool (or around that as the label is long gone and this was a bit of a stash buster) with 7mm needles and it fits perfectly! It is really simple knit and I recommend it to anyone plus it’s free!


I also had the luxury of babysitting the lucky recipient today so was actually able to not only try it on his noggin but get a pic as well! It isn’t the best shot as the poor kid is sick as, and he wasn’t keen on keeping it on – to his credit it was over 30°C so it’s not exactly beanie weather, but he still looks uber cute don’t you think? (Thanks Master B’s mummy for letting me use his pic’s on my blog.)


pixie hat beau

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