Boys, Boys, Boys

I can’t express in words how pumped I am about Dana and Rae’s celebrate the BOY series starting Monday – “Hey Master B! Be prepared as everything I make is coming your way!” (not that he will be reading this considering he isn’t quite 1 yet, but hopefully his mummy is!) I know I have been absent of late but I love these challenges and this is perfect timing to get me completely motivated again on the blog front! YAY!!!

So, I have my list of what I want to try and get made and hopefully I can dream up a tutorial or even a pattern to share with you at the same time (if I can get my brain working overtime for you, but no promises). So what’s on my list? Well, I’d rather not say just in case I don’t get anywhere close to all of them made but I promise this – THERE WILL BE TIES (yes plural). What boy’s wardrobe isn’t complete without a few ties? I am going to road test one of the wonderful tie pattern out there in blogland so that won’t be the tutorial or pattern, but hey someone will get a shout out on my blog – will it be your tie pattern I use???


Have no idea what I’m yammering on about??? Well go over HERE and HERE and check out all the details!

So to quote Dana, “Okay. Let’s do this thing!”

See you Monday…..ish!!! (Pressure is on!)


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