Envelope Shoulder Top

What boy doesn’t have a a t-shirt or 20 in the cupboard? So what better than to add another to the collection!


grey top finished

Today I got out the old Justknits pattern (and I mean old) that I inherited from my Aunty a few years ago and decided to give it a go. Justknits patterns are pretty cool they are just a big sheet of paper where you trace the pattern you need and get sewing and of course they are made for knit fabrics! I still remember going with Mum to the Justknits store as little kid, but it’s not there anymore unfortunately. Anyway I’m rambling…… Envelope shoulder top is what I decided to make and I found a pair of supersoft waffle fabric men’s long johns on clearance at Target for $6 and thought “they would be perfect for a kids top!” (Waffle thermal fabric is like impossible to find in Australia so this was a bargain!) Seriously how cozy do they look??


grey shirt before

This is a super easy project and while I had the luxury of already having a pattern head over HERE and Dana show’s you exactly how to make the same top no pattern purchase needed! Now before I show you the finished product on Master B I have a bit of a confession to show you.


grey top sleeve error

Yep, I put the cuffs on the wrong way! Now it has the potential to be a cool way of putting the cuffs on in the future but I would certainly have to make the overlocking smaller and put more care into how it is finished. For now though the solution was to cut them off turn them the right way and reattach, albeit a tad smaller!


The result was this cute little top. I added elbow patches and a pocket as with boys clothes it is definitely all about the details!


grey shirt laying  Grey top on Master B

Hmmm it would seem the top is a bit big in the shoulders but any luck he will keep growing and it should fit him perfectly with The Urban Pants (they look pretty spunky on don’t you think?) for winter. Lets face it today is only the first day of Autumn so there is plenty of time.


I’d also like to point out that while it appears I made them to match, it just happened that way, so bonus!!!! Maroon is the new “it” colour right?? No? I just made that up? Drats! bahahahaha. Ok, I’m signing off now!

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