I’m Back!!! + A new pattern

So it has clearly been awhile. I don’t really have an excuse, I have just being lazy really. So what has been happening? Well, 1 week ago I had another surgery on my wrist (the original surgery was 10 months ago) to release the tendon to my index finger which was stuck in scar tissue from the previous surgery. So far so good and I have more movement than I had when I went in!


Last weekend my partner became a God-Mother to our good friends little boy. It was a cute ceremony and they combined it with his 1st birthday party (he is 1 next month), so it was filled with extra presenty goodness. We also caught up with friends we haven’t seen in 3 years, lets hope it isn’t another 3 years till we see them again!!!!


Ok, so I am sure we have had a lot more going on, but I’m sure that is the main things so the new pattern. A few weeks ago I posted a pattern on Instagram and now I’m sharing it with you all here. It is another dishcloth pattern, and very similar to the essential dishcloth pattern. So it is  - The Heavy Duty Dishcloth Pattern.




4 balls of 4ply cotton yarn

6.5mm hook


Stitch Abbreviations

ch – chain

dc – double crochet



1. Using all 4 balls together ch 20.

2. 1dc into 4th ch from hook. 1dc into each chain to end. Turn (17dc)

3. Ch 3. 1dc into each dc of previous row. Turn (17dc)

4. Repeat step 3 7 more times. Fasten off yarn & sew in ends.


This is a super quick project and is great for using up the left over yarn from making the essential dishcloth’s!

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