Felt candy canes

Christmas is getting closer and with that comes another Christmas themed post. Today it is felt candy canes to put on a wall, or you could even sew them together and make a garland, the possibilities are endless. Now I have been putting off this tutorial not cause I didn’t want to share it, but cause the weather has been less than ideal to take pictures. I know I am crazy, so needless to say the pictures are not smashingly good as in the end my need to share this tutorial was greater than my wish to get perfect photos.


Candy cane finished

It is a simple project that you can do with the kiddies, or if you are after a perfect candy cane, by yourself! To make it easier I have made the candy cane pattern available for download so download the pattern HERE and gather your supplies. (Print the pattern in portrait on standard A4 paper)


You will need:

  • Red and white felt
  • Glue (PVA, craft, whatever is on hand really)
  • Scissors
  • Pattern
  • Pen (to trace the pattern with)
  • Blue tac (if sticking to the wall)

Candy Cane supplies 

Cut out the pattern out and place it on the felt. Trace around the pattern and cut out the candy canes. You need to cut out red and white candy canes and you want twice as many red ones than white ones. (TIP: work out which way you want the candy canes to go & turn the pattern over so the pen marks are on the back. I just use a normal ballpoint pen!)


Candy cane tracing

Working with two red and one white candy canes at a time. Cut the white candy cane in stripes, use your creativity make some small, some big or be a perfectionist and make them even. It is a little hard to explain so fingers crossed the pictures tell a 1000 words. Basically the white candy cane becomes the stripes. Line up the white “stripes” on the red candy cane and glue them on. Your candy canes are done!


Candy candy construction

All that is left is to stick them on the wall. Our wall is starting to look very Christmasy.


Candy canes on the wall

Just a note: I have made this free for you all in the spirit of Christmas for personal use only. Please do not sell the pattern or any Candy Canes you make. Thanks and Merry Christmas!

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