A Christmas printable

Christmas is getting closer and our house is starting to look more and more festive with each passing day. Today I got around to completing a little printable to put in a spare Ikea SAXNÄS frame which you can use too for FREE!!! That’s right I have made it a printable for all of you to use! We all love free stuff so here it is – DOWNLOAD PRINT HERE.

printable snippet

Now just a mini tutorial for those wanting it to fit in the SAXNÄS frame. I got mine printed at Officeworks (if someone knows somewhere cheaper please let me know) and because the frame size does not match our paper sizes here in Oz, I had to get it printed on A1 poster size and trim it down so here is how that works.


Firstly get it printed with NO SCALING on A1 paper. Next take the “glass” (i know it is plastic) out of the frame and put it over the image. You want there to be a 2.5cm boarder between the red and the frame.

printable measuring

Trace around the frame with a pencil. Remove the frame and cut around with scissors about 1mm inside the line (otherwise the picture will be just that bit too big for the frame). Of course if you have a cutting mat big enough by all means use a cutting wheel/exacto knife to cut it quick smart. I of course do not – “drats”!

Printable tracing

Remember to remove the protective film from the “glass”and pop the poster into the frame and voila you are done!!!!! Hang it on the wall to share some Christmas cheer!!!!!

printable on wall

Just a note: I have made this free for you all in the spirit of Christmas for personal use only. Please do not sell the design or any you print off. Thanks and Merry Christmas!

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