Christmas wrap up

A belated “Merry Christmas” to you all. Hope you all had a fantastic time with friends and family, ate great food and received some wonderful gifts. Christmas for us was small this year which was a little odd (we usually spend Christmas with all my partners family, we are talking 20+ people) but a wonderful day all the same, followed by Boxing day with good friends. In the lead up to Christmas we also hosted our first Christmas party for all our friends. It was a wonderful night and worth the 3am bed time and something we hope to do every year.

merry christmas

Christmas for me is all about giving wonderful gifts. I think long and hard about what to get each person and if I can make it, I will. This year I made personalised pillowcases, a cushion, babysitting vouchers, jute and yarn coasters, tablerunners (with help from my lovely lady), dishcloths (pattern here), Christmas pudding (recipe here) and reindeer noses. (Hence the lack of posts of late.) The presents were wrapped in twine with beautiful labels made by my partner on her typewriter.


blue pink pillowcase  pink pillowcases  screenprinted cushion  babysitting voucher

coasters  blue tablerunner  magenta table runner  pink table runnerDishcloths  Reindeer noses  handmade presents

And it wouldn’t be a Christmas wrap up without me sharing with you what I was grateful to receive……….pic below!!! I was one lucky girl and this is the first time I have turned the desktop on since before Christmas as I can now access the net from the convenience of the couch (my laptop died about 18months ago and we had not replaced it, till now!)


new toy

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  1. You have made some absolutely beautiful gifts there, Naomi. And your screenprint designs are lovely. Happy crafting x (Polkadot Lane)