A new year

I wanted to keep this post simple, no photos, no hours of editing and perfecting, just simply text to welcome in the new year. Needless to say it has taken me 7 days to be happy with this post (so much for no hours of perfecting). I wrote, I deleted, I started again but nothing was coming to me until finally the words flowed, nothing too fancy (hehe) just a summary of my thoughts.


Every new years I make a resolution or two, I keep them vague and not too committal, basically not wanting to set myself up for failure. This year however is different, I have personal goals (more than resolutions) and aspirations and for the first time my partner and I have set goals together for 2013. 2012 was the year things turned around for us and left us feeling that 2013 is the year things will happen so we sat down together and talked about our dreams for 2013. There was a bit of to and froing and we nutted it out till we knew what we wanted to achieve. We are excited about trying to achieve them all and fingers crossed we do but what makes it hard is money, all our dreams for 2013 involve an element of money but rather than be deterred it has sparked a fire of sorts in me to bring some in and I have set my goals accordingly. I have other non-monetary goals as well, goals just for me, things that will bring a smile to my face and all things hoping make me believe just a little bit more in me. So here is to 2013 and whatever crazy road it takes us on!

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