Yep I have finally discovered the joy’s of Instagram! You see, recently I finally got a new phone. I upgraded from an iPhone3 (yes the original) to the new wizz bang iPhone5. I am totes excited as the young peoples say! With a new phone came the joys of Instagram and many other funky photography based apps that has resulted in my Canon DSLR feeling like a disregarded child’s toy. I promise I am still every bit in love with my Canon as the day I got it, but I do love the easy of taking pics without the cumbersome bulk of my DSLR!

So what do I snap pics of? Anything and everything really - my current projects, dinner, my garden, the beach, you get the point – ANYTHING!!! I love sharing a few moments of my day with the peeps (what is with my hip kids lingo today lol) in my life! Want to share in those moments too? Follow me -

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