Gardener me!

Ok I finally got around to planting my capsicum and eggplant seedlings into their respective pots! I’ve been a tad lazy in getting them planted but thought they were definitely looking a little cramped in their seedling pots on the window sill. So here is a little garden update for you.


The marigolds are starting to come through, I seem to have been able to grow 1 or 2 radishes amongst my carrot seedlings and the “bright lights” swiss chard is going great guns!

Marigold  radish  swiss chard

The capsicum and eggplant seedlings are looking small in their new pots but looking across my little courtyard area I can’t help be a little proud as everything you see I have grown from seed.

capsicum seedlings  Eggplant seedlings  garden view

I’ve already harvested 2 cucumbers and there is more on the way and in my other garden, which I have deemed the “see how it goes” garden, I have planted the remaining eggplant seedlings, the very aniseedy smelling basil and the lone remaining tomato plant. Why have I named it the “see how it goes” garden? Well, the soil looks pretty bad, is full of rocks, tiles, bricks and who knows what and has been there for a very undetermined period of time! The tomato plant is looking really good so who knows what will happen!

cucumber  reject garden

And while I dream of one day having a huge family garden where I grow enough produce to see us through the season, for now I am content with seeing things grow and trying my hand at been a “gardener”! I think a life of living sustainably, growing my own produce is definitely a long way off!

How’s your garden going? Anything exciting growing?

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