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Yay it’s Friday!!! Today I am pretty excited 'cos I am off to a photography course this evening! I’ve only had my camera some two or so years, but hopefully after tonight not everything I know will be self taught. It has been a busy week, so I apologise for the lack of blog posts. I have been putting a big effort into getting Christmas presents made, completed and ordered, plus I actually worked this week. Yes, that is right, I actually left the house and went to work for the first time in 23 days!!! (There was no work due to a shut down for maintenance) I also babysat Miss M and Miss R yesterday and while rock climbing with Miss R at Bar beach I was able to snap this pic of a very grumpy surf. It was cold, and blustery, the beach was closed and the tide was up but Miss R was thrilled with the chance to just got rock climbing with me (I’m talking squealing with delight) without not so brave Miss M in tow (she got to go for coffee with my lady and was equally thrilled). Happy kids all round!

bar beach gloomy
Promise there will be some blog posts this week! Hope you all had a good week!

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