Living with a shift worker is hard. Living with a shift worker who also studies full time is harder. Living with a shift worker, who study’s full time who is also a ghost writer is my crazy reality. It is totally nuts, while I do see my lovely lady every day, actually being able to kick back together and just chill is a rare occurrence. Trying to get away for a weekend is near impossible when you only get 1 weekend off a month, but don’t make plans because someone might call in sick and you might be needed – crazy huh? So when we finally got the chance to escape we took it – 3 nights camping in our new Marlin Camper at Cundle Flat Farm.


camping 8

It was windy and a bit fresh. It was out of the way and totally isolated. There was no wi-fi, no phone reception and no power. There was no traffic, no neighbours and no harbour glow. There was however hot showers, flushing toilets and fresh air. There was open fires, a gorgeous river and pecan trees galore and best of all we had the place to ourselves. It was perfect. Just me and lady kicking back – no uni to do, unable to be contacted in the event someone did call in sick and no current writing gig. We chatted, we enjoyed the autumn sun, she read and I knitted. I chopped wood (and looked like a lumberjack to match) and cracked pecans as requested. We cooked on the open fire and created wind breaks when using the stove (hence the table laying on its side). We got to just enjoy each others company with out the distractions of modern life. We took time to appreciate this precious time away as we know all too well how sacred they have become.


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