Moving! Seriously is there anything worse? If you missed the facebook and instagram updates I’ll bring you up to speed – we moved! It was a bittersweet move we adored our unit – its proximity to the beach (we are talking 700m walk here), the abundance of natural light, the convenience to Darby St (Newcastle’s cafe strip essentially) and the easy stroll from the foreshore after nights out. Not to mention I could walk/ride to all but my swim triathlon training sessions. However, the laundry was separate and downstairs, there was no garage, it was noisy as and even my lady’s 2 year old Godson noticed the ‘hill’s’ throughout the unit. The cruncher for moving however came as part of our find-a-family assessment – they wouldn’t recommend us to take a sibling group as they felt it was too small (It was a 3 bedroom unit I should add) so we started looking. 2 months! That is how long it took for us to get a new place – it was stressful and frustrating but eventually we found and were approved for a new place only 5km away. So we started packing up. In those last days at the old place I managed to snap this picture of my 2 favourite people before closing the door on yet another home in our nearly 6 years together (we have moved 6 times now)!


The move took weeks. Yes, WEEKS! And if it wasn’t for the help of our awesome friends and family I have no idea how we would have got it done. They were there in the rain, the heat and when suffering their own loss. They carried things, lent us things and fixed things. They made sure we ate and helped pack and unpack boxes after boxes. They even stored things for us and got us the boxes in the first instance. They were in one word AWESOME! Even the 2 little people helped out – one pillowcase at a time. And through all the moving my lady worked 10 straight shifts, completed 2 uni assignments and packed, unpacked and cleaned like a crazy lady! She is definitely awesome too! So what does the new place have – 3 bedrooms plus a sewing room (I’m super excited about this) a garage and a backyard plus the usual house stuff. There is no neighbours down stairs and no gym across the road. We can walk to the shops and it is closer to the lady’s work. It is very much a home and we adore it and hope we can stay put for awhile. It has been approved by Barnardos (they had to look beyond the boxes lol) for sibling groups (though we as carers have not since we don’t have at least 5 figures in savings – if we did would we be renting?).


Ok moving on. Before I share a couple of phone snapped pics of our move I have to show you the kitchen in our new place.


Nice and bright in the afternoon sun, old school for sure with lovely slate tiles but with 2 definite quirks – see that blank space to the right? Well apparently that is where the fridge goes. Seriously whose fridge only comes up to their shoulder? Needless to say our fridge had to go somewhere else to live. Lucky for us this is only one side of the kitchen (it’s huge) and fridge is against the wall that is behind me in this photo. I’m thinking a chest freezer to fill the space hmmmm. Second quirk – the height of the bench tops. They are low, way low. If you look closely at the stove you can see the height difference. Crazy huh? I can report you do actually get use to the lower bench tops, though washing up is a dead set pain – literally!!! Ok. Here we go random snaps of the move! More exciting posts to come soon I promise!

sewing room  moving house car 2moving house car