Playing Tourist

You know how no matter how long you live in a town you never really get to know it? That been you live day to day, the work grind, the groceries and catching up with people but never really stepping out of the home life and onto the tourist trail? Well that was us until we decided to play tourist for a day. Now here in Newcastle there is 1 ferry, it doesn’t go very far literally back and forth across the harbour total trip time would be less than 5 mins. However, the lady had never been on it and nor had I and while I only moved to Newcastle some 2.5 years ago, the lady has lived here pretty much since she was 10 so we decided it was time we caught that darn ferry!!! So we did and played tourist as well. We even walked from home carrying a backpack with snacks, the camera around my neck, hats and sunglasses on and very fashionable runners with 3/4 pants. Yep tourists!


  3 story terrace  townhall  customs house

ferry  tug boats

newcastle  Nobbys

flag  bubby

4 leaf clover

There was cool 3 story terraces, the Town Hall and Customs house.

There was the ferry and the tug boats – it is a working harbour after all.

There was the awesome view of Newcastle from Stockton – The Brewery, the cathedral, the arts centre, the tower and Nobby’s headland.

There was perfectly flying flags in the afternoon sunlight and my crazy lady.

And last but not least the best find of the day – there was a 4 leaf clover (there is definitely nothing wrong with my lady’s eyes!)


Have you done it – played tourist in your home town?

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