Kids Clothes Week Wrap Up

Another round of KCW has been and gone and I’m yet to do a post – so here it is! This time round I decided to just do one post to sum up the week. It made it easier to manage and took less time out of what was already a very very hectic week!!! Though this was the summer edition of KCW it’s winter here and dead set freezing so winter clothes it was – ok here we go!


This time round there was only 1 recipient, Master B, and only one request  from Master B’s mummy – pants, pants and more pants! Master B’s skinny waist and extra long legs make buying pants that fit hard to come by so Aunty Naomi to the rescue! I only used 2 patterns and in some ways this is kinda a review as it was the first time I had used either (sorta – more on that later). First up I used Peek-a-boo pattern shop’s Skinny Jeans pattern, I found this pattern easy enough to follow though not very polished. The picture tutorial shows no consistency with the jeans being made and was a little higgledy piggledy (I asked my partner for the word I was looking for this is what she came up with bahaha) in how it was constructed. I can tell you now I’m not keen on making another pair any time soon, well at least not with the level of detail I put into this pair (I’m thinking a larger size would probably be easier though)! For the fabric I upcycled a pair of old jeans that were in my reuse pile and used the existing hem saving me 2 rows of topstitching!!!!Top stitching ergghhh, what a pain! However, I digress if they fit Master B happy days and they look just like store bought jeans….kinda…. (albeit with a tiny tiny waist!)


Jeans front  Jeans back

Next up I made 5 pairs of pants using the one pattern – Dana of MADE’s KID shorts pattern. Hang on I said I made pants didn’t I? Sure did I just added length to the bottom of the shorts and narrowed the inseam slightly and voila an excellent pants pattern! Now I had not specifically used Dana’s pattern before, however I did previously (HERE) resize her 1 size only pants pattern so I was familiar with their construction. Now this pattern I LOVE LOVE LOVE! It is so easy to follow, has excellent sizing and is just down right perfect. Of course when summer comes around Master B will get a wardrobe full of shorts! So here we go 4 pairs of tracksuit pants and 1 pair of kermit pants (you’ll see) coming up!!


Navy pants front  Navy pants back

maroon pants front  maroon pants back

Grey pants front  Grey pants back

Green pants front  green pants back

Navy track pants Front  Navy track pants back

With this last pair I tried to get a bit fancy – I lopped off the top 8cm or so of the pattern and used ribbing and tried to make cuffed bottoms. It didn’t really work exactly as planned but hey they still kind look cute!


All up this was a solid 7 days of sewing (those pesky jeans took 2 days) for KCW and can’t wait till tomorrow to hand them over to Master B’s mummy. I have to say Master B is going to look pretty fetching in his new pants!

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