Nothing like some new shorts

Nothing is more true! I love buying new shorts or occasionally sewing my own so when we visited Master B last week and finally gave him his check shorts (which fitted a treat) and Mr B’s mum let us know that his tiny waist meant he had so few shorts, I decided that just wasn’t going to fly and I got sewing! Master B now has 4 new pairs coming his way.


shorts waistbands  all 4 shorts

First off I kept it simple and used the same pattern as the check shorts for these 2 gorgeous pairs!


grey and check shorts

Then I got adventurous. Master B’s dad is a FANATICALLLLLLLLL surfer, but Master B has no boardies to match dads. Boardies tend to start at a size 1 and since Master B has just hit 8 months a size 1 is huge on him. So one pair of tiny waisted boardies coming up, complete with built in swim nappy. Adding the swim nappy was a nightmare to be honest, but I was determined. There was unpicking, needle breakages, some blood and a hell of a lot of cursing BUTTTTT I soldiered on and they look awesome!!!!!


What would I do differently next time?

  • Add about 2.5cm more height to make doing the waistband easier.
  • Find proper FOE. All I could find was the satin stuff (yuck) and fitted sheet elastic, which I tried but it seemed to lose all its stretch, sigh…….
  • Not forget to do the button holes for the drawstring, while the swim nappy is not yet attached to the shorts.

But overall I am really pleased with them. They look cute and cause there is a swim nappy built in mum doesn’t need to worry about “things” making there way into the water!


boardies  boardies leg  boardies inside

Last but not least, I made some comfy, lounging around the house kinda pants. These are a work in progress that I hope to have as a tutorial and pattern up soon for you all! So here is a sneak peek!



Master B I hope you like your new shorts!

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