He needed a new shirt too?

So after making Master B some new shorts (blogged about here) I decided a new shirt was needed too. While I tossed around the idea of making one from scratch I remembered I had a size 00 white t-shirt buried in a box somewhere and decided to break out the very neglected fabric paints instead! The design was simple – STRIPES!!!! Why stripes? Well, the reason is two fold – 1) I LOOOOOOVVVVEEEE stripes, like almost all my t-shirts are striped (seriously ask the girl) and 2) they are easy as to design!!!! How awesome does it look?


Stripe shirt finished

Now Master B has 4 new outfits!!!!!!! The shirt looks awesome with all 4 pairs of shorts!!! Just look!!!!

circle striped shirt  circle striped shirt  circle striped shirt  circle striped shirt

circle boardies  circle check shorts  circle green shorts  circle grey shorts

This wasn’t going to be a tutorial but hey it’s so easy what the hell. Want to do it yourself???? You will need:

  • A t-shirt
  • Fabric paint
  • Paint brush
  • Masking tape
  • Something to space the tape (I used 12mm elastic. Yep, strange, but it worked)
  • Paper (or something else to put in the shirt so the paint doesn’t go through to the back)

1. Place the paper inside the shirt making sure it covers from side seam to side seam.

2. Making sure the shirt is flat and place your tape across the shirt starting at the bottom using the hem as a guide. (Look at the pic below you will get what I mean)

3. Once it is all taped get your fabric paint and using a dabbing motion paint your stripes! (My paint was very gluggy after years of neglect lol)

4. Allow to dry overnight and then remove the tape.

5. Last step I promise – MAKE SURE YOU HEAT SET THE PAINT WITH A QUICK HOT IRON! Annnnnnnddddddd you’re done!!!! Easy as!!!!!!

stripe shirt before  Stripe shirt during

Stripe shirt finished

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