Getting back to nature

Firstly I want to apologise for their being no 1 simple photo post on Friday, I didn’t forget per say, more it was the furthest thing from my mind as I busily packed the car for a little camping trip over the weekend! It has been over 18 months since we just got away and did nothing, so it is fair to say this trip was long over due! So while my partner headed to work for a 6am start (I had to drop her there. Yuck!) I got packing the car. Let me explain to you want a task that is. We live in a unit on the top floor of our unit complex, half our camping gear is in the unit the other half is in the laundry, which fortunately is downstairs, add to that the garage is under the front of the complex and our entry is at the rear with a nice steep walkway connecting the two, so packing the car was not as quick nor enjoyable as it should have been, but alas I got it done!


With the car all packed, I picked the girl up and we headed off to the campgrounds at Ferndale, which is only about 1hr 20mins from home. We had never been there and didn’t know what to expect, but it was fantastic. Basic, definitely, but Fantastic!!!!! We could pick were we camped, could have a fire and still have hot showers!!! Perfect!


The dreaded, I’m sure I forgot something was of course in the back of my mind, and of course I did forget something – the memory card for the camera, not the fully charged camera, no the memory card that goes in it, doh!!!! Solution, pics on my new iPhone5 (yes people I have finally upgraded from the 3) while the battery lasted (man that battery dies quick!)!


This was a trip of first’s for the girl, see while I grew up camping with my family, my partner barely went on a holiday, let alone camped! This is not her first camping trip (we ventured out on a 3 week 5000km camping adventure a few years ago) but it was the first time she walked in a river, toasted marshmallows on a fire, cooked on a fire (or more like ate the food cooked on a fire as I did all the cooking) and camped in a remote spot. We both had an awesome time and I am already planning another trip!!! When?? Who knows, but I don’t think 18months between trips is the way to go!!!


Camping - Ferndale 005  Camping - Ferndale 006

Once camp was set up we needed somewhere to dry the towels!

Camping - Ferndale 004

The drinks needed to be chilled!

Camping - Ferndale 020  Camping - Ferndale 021  Camping - Ferndale 022

The fire was started, creating lots of coals and damped right in time to cook dinner!

Camping - Ferndale 010  Camping - Ferndale 011  Camping - Ferndale 014

The view from the campsite was so peaceful, look how far the other campers were?

Camping - Ferndale 015  Camping - Ferndale 016  Camping - Ferndale 018

The Chinchester River looking oh so clear and tranquil.

Camping - Ferndale 012  Camping - Ferndale 025

Boiling the kettle the old school way, complete with the whistle when it is boiled! Now, this little fella was apparently very impressed with my steak cooking abilities after taking it right off my plate as I happily munched away on my dinner. I kid you not, that black thing hanging out of the kookaburra’s mouth would be my steak! It scared the bejeezes out of me, and apparently I squealed like a girl!!!! All I can say is I hope he enjoyed it!!!!!

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