KCWC–Day 4

Over hump day heading towards the finish line! The weather here today reminded me of a wet, cold miserable July day, as that is exactly what it was wet, cold and miserable, except it is October and heading towards summer! This however, left me with no guilt for spending the day inside, sewing away, watching daytime TV and planning my weekend!!! Today I got sewing another skirt (I promise tomorrow I will make something for the top half of the body. It was not my intention at the beginning of the week to do 4 days straight of bottoms lol), a tiered skirt with a pocket. I actually had a lot of fun designing the pocket and using some gorgeous ribbon!!! And yes this skirt is off to Miss R too – she wanted two skirts and picked the red fabric which a 100% cotton from Ikea!


red skirt finished

red skirt pocket  red skirt side

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