Day 3!!!

Approaching the halfway mark and I am still going strong. Today I kept it really simple, and let the fabric do the talking. Last week when I was babysitting Miss R and Miss M, I asked them to pick some fabric out of my stash and I would make them a new skirt each. Well, Miss R picked quiet well and I was initially a little hesitant about this fabric cause I thought it might have looked a little “old” for a 5yr old, but alas it worked perfectly. I just made a simple elastic waist skirt, the same one my mum used wayyyyyy back when and is my go to simple project. Want to make your own? There is probably hundreds of tutorials out there, but probably the easiest for anyone to use is this one, by Made – simple, clear with gorgeous fabrics and pictures! Of course, Miss R wasn’t available to play model, you know been at school and all!!!!

IMG_6598  IMG_6596 


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