KCWC Day 1

I am off! The race has begun, well, at least that is how it feeling, a race to complete 7 articles of kids clothing in 7 days (as a minimum actually) and I am through the first check point!!!! I took my mark of Elsie Marley’s KCWC preview and used Dana’s Kid’s Pant Pattern.

I printed off the pattern and got to work on resizing it (I needed a size 00 to fit 7 month old Master B, who has the skinniest waist you will ever see !) I decided I was getting too carried away with the resizing, so went back to the simplest of resizing, hence all the scribbling out!
IMG_6552  IMG_6553
As I do with all my patterns I traced my newly resized pattern onto grease proof paper and picked out my fabric, this gorgeous check seersucker, and then got pinning!
IMG_6554  IMG_6555
What made my day? Discovering I had got the pattern along the side of the fabric with just the smallest of margins spare!!! After cutting out all the fabric, and my embellishments, to add a bit of feature to the final product, I got sewing – I would love to say this was an hours work, but between blood tests, grocery shopping, doctors appointments, lunch and picking the girl up, my time frame blew out to more like 5hrs!
IMG_6556  IMG_6558
You are more than likely able to work out what the final product was from the pattern pieces, but in the interest of keeping you all in suspense for the week, I am just sharing a snippet of the final product till the end of the week………(Hey a girl needs to get her kicks somewhere!)
Are you partaking in the KCWC???

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