KCWC Day 1 update

I was only kidding I am not leaving you hanging till the end of the week to show you Day 1’s project for kcwc. Basically by the time I got around to actually finishing them and getting a photo it was night time and our lights are not favourable to good photography, in fact they are down right bad! Everything ends up with a nice yellow tinge. Hot, I know! Sooooo did you guess what day 1 was??? You did…..nice job!!!! For those that did not, I made a pair of flat front shorts with back “pockets”. My pattern reworking seemed to work but it definitely needs a little tweaking for the future!!!! So here you go the final product taken in much better light! (As the child they are made for is not mine, there is unfortunately no “action” shot.)

shorts front  shorts back

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