Pully Woolly

One thing I am loving about having a little person living under our roof is being able to make him clothes knit, sew, doesn't matter and the best part? He LOVES them!!! I kid you not! He gets super excited when I make him something - shorts, t-shirts, anything. Every time I knit something he asks if it is for him (even if it is the same pair of socks I was knitting yesterday for my lovely lady lol). So you can imagine his joy when I cast off this awesome top, named pully woolly by my partner, which is more a test knit for a future project but turned out pretty spunky anyway!

This kid has spunk that's for sure! I dream of the day I can show you the awesome facial expressions that go with these pics. He smiled away and thought he was the bees knees, in what was the 2nd photoshoot I have done with him!

So the knitting details!
Pattern: ♥ zagal by Rosa Pomar
Yarn: 1 ball of Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury 4 ply and 1 ball of Moda Vera Noir  (sock wool)
Needles: 6mm and 7mm circular 

Variations: Using the yarn held double I reduced the number of cast on stitches to 84 but kept the neck opening the same leaving 10 stitches for each shoulder. I picked up 36 stitches for each arm hole (including the 1 stitch held).

This was a very quick knit and fits fantastic. The only variation I will make next time is adding 10 stitches to the body purely because I want it to fit longer and hang a bit more.With the variations as is I would say the fit would suit anywhere from 18months to 4 years. The little dude is 3 but on the small size but the top has plenty of stretch.


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