When 2015 rolled in I sat and thought about what my crafty goals were for the year. Now while there was a few, the big one for the year was to knit (or crochet if I get the itch) everyday! Yep, everyday! I don't care if it is only a handful of stitches but I must knit something. My thought process is pretty simple - if I knit everyday not only will my lovely knits get finished but it will also give me something to focus on each day which (I hope) will transfer to getting other plans for the year done!

First up for the year was completing this pair of wool soakers. In toilet training the little man we switched him to cloth nappies for both his day and night sleeps and no cloth nappy is complete with out a wool soaker. Using up my stash yarn and THIS fantastic pattern by Kelly Brooker I finished my first knitting project for the year (even if I did start it way back in November)! The little man LOVES them and asks to wear them all the time and lets face it they looking pretty darn cute on!

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