A Joy of your 30’s

One of the joy’s of hitting your 30’s is that a majority of your friends are now all loved up, married, mortgaged and pregnant and seemingly all at once. The joy in this for me is there are lots of little ones making there way into the world that just need a NOTHING TOO FANCY creation or two. This is one such creation. Mumma and Pappa have decided not to find out the sex until bubba is born so it needed to be gender neutral. I decided to take leap outside the standard white/cream/pastel yellow combinations and go grey and yellow. LOVE IT. Something bold, different, hip, cheeky and all up pretty darn cute!


puerperium & harem

First up I got knitting away on a Puerperium cardigan. This free pattern by Kelly Brooker is an awesome quick knit. I did make a few changes and go with a short sleeve top version using these notes and loved how it turned out though the striped buttonhole bands were not wise in hindsight. They look great but were just time consuming and fiddley and frustrated me, even though it was my choice to do them! Ahhh hindsight lol. It is knitted on 4mm needles with Cleckheaton country 8ply for the grey and Panda feltable wool 8ply for the yellow (I liked the colour I had no intention of felting it). Not my go to yarn but I was away at the time and choices were limited, but I love it all the same!


Next I came across this gorgeous free harem sewing pattern and just knew I had to sew a pair. I got creative using my fabric sharpie pens adding some black triangles to boring old white knit fabric and topped it off with yellow ribbing. How darling are they? Totally recommend this pattern! I see many pairs of these in my future and I think they just became my go to baby gift.


Last but not least there was a pixie bonnet. This comes with exciting news – I got a knitting machine!!! I have wanted one for ages and ages and lucky me my awesome lady found me one in mint condition for Christmas. I was sooooooooooooooooooo excited and frustrated after like 10mins of trying to use it, but 6 hours later I had managed to start creating things. This pixie bonnet was the 1st thing I made and it certainly made the stocking stitch quick. Umm less than 10mins quick! I might do up a tutorial on this someday but I would need to work out a few kinks in the pattern first! For a first attempt though I am totally satisfied.

Puerperium top  Harem pants  Pixie bonnet

Mumma and Pappa were thrilled with the handmade goodies for their little one. Lucky for our friends and family I just love making stuff!

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