Time is funny thing. It can feel like it moves oh so very slow at times and other times you blink and a new day is upon you. In just a moment it can stand still and a moment later change you forever. It heals wounds and makes memories. It is always moving and never stops, even if you want it to. It defines your first and last breath and ages you before you know it. It is a constant in everyone and everything’s lives. To some it seems meaningless but to others they would do anything to stop it, go back or fast forward through it. Time is so many things but ultimately it is nothing more than a measuring tool. Something that defines how long or short something or someone is here or there or everywhere. So why talk about time? 4month, 13 days. That is how long it has being since I posted here. I have wanted to, I really have. There has been so much I have wanted to share with you, teach you and experience with you. But things have got in the way. There is always a way to use time more wisely I know, but I didn’t have it in me. For 4 months I didn’t want to add something else to the day, when there was just days of wanting to get by and nothing more. I know this makes it sound like 4 months of sadness, but it hasn’t been. It has been awesome at times, plenty to celebrate and rejoice in, but there was sadness, much sadness.


In this post I mentioned a tiny little fighter. She was so strong and fought so hard but at 3 months her little body grew tired and she never got to go home. She was a gorgeous and cheeky little one who has left a massive footprint on this Earth. These were the hardest and some of the most beautiful days I have ever been part of. There were tears and hints of laughter, there was reflection and reminders of how fragile we really are. But most of all there was support. We supported each other and our friends and held out our hands for her parents. Parents who will never stop grieving and know all to well how time does not discriminate.


baby gift

There were happier times though. My lady secured another ghost writing gig (I will reveal about the 1st ghost writing gig real soon I promise), which came with an all expenses paid trip to Bendigo, VIC. I wasn’t keen on being left behind so I tagged along as I really wanted to go to the Bendigo Woollen Mills. I have only been once before but this is like yarn Mecca! So worth the trip. While she spent her days interviewing and writing I took in the town – the architecture, the parks and of course the Mills (no pic sorry). 


Bendigo   Bendigo parkbendigo clock tower  Bendigo school building

Another big time consumer was I participated in my 1st, 2nd and 3rd triathlons and joined an awesome local training group. Doing a triathlon was always something on my bucket list but I never felt I had the “body” for it. Now I have never really suffered from body image issues but having only seen women running along in swimmers competing in triathlons I always thought “I would knock myself out within 5 metres of running in just swimmers”. But upon doing more research sports bra under swimmers is the done thing so when my friend asked if I would compete in one I was quick to jump at the chance. Result? I’m hooked! These are the pics from my last triathlon, the first the lady was able to attend. She wasn’t too pleased about the 5am wake up but she took awesome pics – she even spotted me swimming the harbour – that’s me in the centre on my own! I having another one coming up in just under 3 weeks and can’t wait! (Oh check out the man in front of me in the 2nd pic – his swimmers are inside out. It cracked me up the whole way to the swim start lol)


Foreshore Tri  Foreshore Tri OTW to swim  Foreshore Tri swimForeshore Tri transition  Foreshore Tri cycle  Foreshore Tri run

Last but not least. Master B’s parents have gone their separate ways. My lady has been a tower of strength to her best friend and I have looked after Master B so she was able to return to work. He is such a funny kid and though not yet 2 (almost) he natters away to you in full sentences, counts to ten and will point out his colours. I am loving the time I am spending with him and when it comes to nap times at “Nomi’s” house he gets to sleep on the big bed. He gets pretty excited lol.


Master B asleep

So these are the big things (there is one more thing but it will get a post on its own shortly) which took away time but there was also a few other things along the way. Before I go any further – MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR! Better late than never right? lol.


In brief -

  • I gave it an earnest go at trying to get full time work. No joy there.
  • The lady’s grandma passed away. While unexpected at the time she had been unwell for sometime.
  • I took the lady to her first live cricket game in Sydney.
  • I had a pressure test done on my calves for compartment syndrome which all came back negative.
  • A trip to Coffs Harbour for a week.
  • Sewing, knitting and crochet which I’m giving its own post shortly.


Lastly, I want to say a huge thank you to a lovely lady who emailed me to ask how I was and if I was going to revive this blog. I was in two minds about whether I was going to not because I didn’t want to, but more so I wasn’t sure people actually read it. So thank you. I am really excited for what’s to come and time is no longer going to be an excuse I need this blog. It is my connection to a world of awesome people who don’t live nearby.

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