A Little Lady Turns 1

My partner’s cousin’s little lady turns 1 this weekend, but due to her staring role as a flower girl on her birthday her parents decided she can just turn 1 a week earlier! So we celebrated the little lady’s 1st birthday with a lovely sugar loaded picnic in the park last Sunday. It was probably the coldest day we had seen in a few weeks, but the weather held and the rain stayed away, so there were smiles all round. Unfortunately there are no photos of the actually party as the camera was left at home after a very, very….ummm….shall we say not so typical morning. (I wont go into specifics but lets just say there was a trip to A & E). But before the haste of wrapping her gift I managed to snap pics of what I made her. To get technical I only really made the shorts specifically for her birthday as I delved into the “stuff I made cause I could” pile complete with my old label, cause I’m really trying to reduce the size of that pile.


Cherry singlet  ruffle skirtLil shorts  pinafore 

For the shorts I used Dana’s KID Shorts pattern and they are totally gorgeous don’t you think?  And you may recall seeing the ruffle skirt previously in say a tutorial? Yep, it is the same skirt. I never ended up gifting it for Christmas last year but it now has a new home!


She was a lucky girl right? Well, there was one more gift I just had to give her – a hockey stick (field hockey for my American followers)! Both her parents play, as do I, and I just couldn’t walk past the little sticks while at the hockey store a few weeks ago (they are really made for autographs but it can serve a dual purpose). Now this present was a HUGE hit – we are talking tears if someone took it off her huge. Something tells me the little lady is going to follow in Mum and Dad’s footsteps…….and maybe Aunty Naomi too!


END NOTE: I really wish I had time to a) iron the clothes, like seriously have tacky do they look? and b) have had more time to take better pics and perhaps not take photos of white products on a white background? I know I am being finical but these pics do look pretty drab!

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