Time Warp

In our house we are little stuck on all things old. We just love old stuff, from sheets to rocking chairs, to pots and plates, if it is old we probably want it. If it looks pretty we probably want it more. The irony of this situation, our home is pretty much filled with Ikea furniture. Why if we like old do we have new you ask? Easy, cause when we moved into together some 4.5years ago it was what we wanted and was neutrally agreed upon, plus it was cheap, now however we are branching out, both together and alone.


Together we like things like arm chairs, tables and chairs, furniture mostly, solo however is a different story. The girl loves typewriters, retro sideboards, drinking glasses and anything that seems to remind her of her nans place. I on the other hand love fabrics, kitchenware, caravans and anything that sparks an idea in my crafty brain. We would love to replace the furniture all in one go but have to settle for a snails pace as we find what we really love. The first to actually go I suspect will be the dining suite. It is dark and totally unimaginative and quite frankly drives us a little bonkers as it is heavy and not easy to move around! One day it will be gone, probably replaced with an old wooden table. What I would love is dad’s old painting/storage table we had in our first house that we left when I was 10. Ok so that table might not be obtainable (dad left it there when we moved) but one similar will pop up I’m sure.


Anyway rambling a bit, what I do want to show you is a few of our latest purchases – a vintage sheets charms pack I picked up on Etsy for $10, a Koban style Dansk pot the girl got me (I want a whole set) and a Fred Press cheese board the girl fell madly in love with. I love cooking with the pot it brings a smile to my face every time and I love that my girl knows me so well to know I would love it! The vintages charms pack will end up a quilt front in due time and the cheese board will, well since we don’t really do cheeses, probably look pretty on the sideboard. These purchases, while small, bring a little bit of old world into our home and of course HUGE smiles to our faces!


All up I would say we live in the wrong decade. Take us back 4 or 5 and we would have fit right in, well except for the 2 girls who love each other part, oh well!


Vintae charms packVintage DanskVintage cheese board


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