A confession & some cowl’s!

I know day 6 & 7 of Kids Clothes Week never made it to the blog. Initially the explanation was simple I had to work….a lot. As someone who only works casually it was a good thing for the bank balance but for me as a whole it was exhausting as I wasn’t even close to use to it, however looking at the bank balance it was totally worth it! After that I finally got the chance to edit my photos, nothing major just making them square and small and adding a bit of text, but then it just started falling apart – the numbers weren’t looking right, the photos seemed to glitch when saved, and I was getting frustrated. I digitised my first ever pattern (albeit not perfectly) and tried to upload it and that didn’t work and by this point it was now weeks not days since the challenge ended and I was then too disappointed in myself for not getting on here in time to care. But it goes one step further, I was also ashamed for promising something I failed to deliver and was too scared to do another post (stupid I know), but alas here I am back on the blog to say sorry and that the pants pattern will come but for now it has bad ju’ju so I am leaving it behind for awhile!


I know that was all serious and I have one more bit of serious news before I actually share some pretty cool cowl’s I knitted! The other serious news is my casual job lost 1 of its contracts to private enterprise, so my hours while sporadic as they were have now become sparse as well as sporadic, I’m talking probably about 2, yes that is TWO shifts a month. So not cool, but plus side I might get some more stuff made, actually I probably won’t as I tend to work better with structure, loads and loads of structure and the more time I spend at home the less structure I seem to have……..ahhhh I really am sure there is bigger problems in the world, so on that note lets move on!


Cool project??? Burton Bear Cowl’s!!! This pattern is awesome and is available HERE and HERE if you want to knit your own (don’t knit? There is also a crochet version available HERE and HERE!) I was asked way back in February if I would make beanies for the 2 daughters of a lady I play hockey with and this was the perfect opportunity to use the Burton Bear Cowl pattern!  After asking Miss D and Miss J what colours they wanted I ordered THIS awesome yarn from the UK and eagerly awaited its arrival to get started! These were really quick knits maybe 2 days each, and are super warm! I love the little details, the button flap and the ears they just make it look so adorable!!! Best part? The girls LOOOOVVEEEDD them!

Blue burton bear cowl  Purple burton bear cowlburton bear cowl ear  burton cowl details

miss D wearing burton bear cowl  Miss J wearing burton bear cowlburton bear cowls on the girls

Thanks for modelling Miss D & Miss J and to mum for letting me use your pics! The pics certainly aren’t anything artsy but taking photos after running around a hockey field for over an hour was a little sketchy hehehe!