Day 2

Fleece Top neckline

Winter is on its way as I said yesterday, so Master B needs winter pj’s. This is part 1 – the fleece top. Using the same pattern as the Stripes: A long sleeve tee yesterday I used a super warm microfleece I scored a few months ago for something crazy like $3 p/m and made a couple of changes. I added a skivvy like collar by just making the “ribbing” extra wide. There is a possible problem with this, not having Master B here (which considering he isn’t mine is a good thing lol) I was unable to check it fits over his head, so I suspect it could be a tight squeeze as he has a massive noggin!!! The second change was I added cuffs to the bottom of the sleeves. I actually find this easier than hemming it and just as quick.


Fleece top  Fleece top cuff

I totally love this top as it is super warm and snuggly! I am even more excited as I had a very productive day and part 2 of the pj’s will be up tomorrow – complete with pattern and tutorial!!!!! When I say I was productive today I not only made this top but I digitised the pattern for tomorrow, plus designed another 2 projects for the week. So happy! See you tomorrow!

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