Retro’s back baby!

Actually I have no idea if retro is or isn’t back, it just worked for this project! Introducing The Retro Jacket. It’s bright, it’s bold, it’s funkadelic; totally hip and happening all the while practical and warm!
The retro jacket side
This project is probably one of the most ambitious one I have set out to do in a long while. It is quilted, totally lined, has a hood and a zip front closure! Plus the pattern came from one of my Japanese pattern books and nope I don’t speak or read a word of Japanese (actually that is a lie, I can count to 10 and say hello, goodbye and thank you!) So here is an insight.

Japanese book
I treat it like fabric Lego. Find the piece that matches the picture and attach. Next piece and so on and so on. I get pretty excited when I can tick off each step and move onto the next. All up I would say the jacket was actually a rather easy process albeit a lengthy one! How did I make it? Well its lined with red flannelette, to be extra warm and soft for Master B, for extra warmth I used an old (actually it was brand new I just had no use for it) polar fleece blanket as the “batting” layer and the bright blue cotton fabric I got from Ikea last year became the shell. I quilted the polar fleece to the shell in even lines and then added the stripes using bias tape I had made earlier! After all that I just followed the construction pictures above! Result? 1 totally awesome jacket!!!!!!

Retro jacket inside  Retro jacket 
I can’t wait to catch up with Master B and try it on him!!! This is one of my favourite projects ever! Only thing I wish I had done was add a little loop of ribbon at the back between the hood and back panel so Master B’s mummy can hand it on the cook hook (not that I think they have one but still!)

Word of advice on Japanese pattern books – THEY DON”T CONTAIN SEAM ALLOWANCE you must add it yourself – just letting you know!

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