Time wasting?

Ahhh Pinterest, you have been a blessing and a curse! Nothing inspires more than trawling through your gorgeous pages and categories and nothing turns 8am to 10am faster! You are the ultimate time wasting site. Look at gorgeous stuff, get ideas of what you are going to make next, and pin away till your hearts content planning houses you will never own, and weddings that will go beyond the house purchasing budget for sure, but it is definitely lovely to dream!


And dream I do. I pin the things I want to make, the photo’s I am inspired to take, food to sample, places I’d love to go or have, books I want to own, clothes I would love to wear (or be even able to afford) and lastly the wedding I dream of planning. I put no thought into that fact that I would have to stand there and exchange vows with my lovely partner, no no, it is all about the planning. A tad crazy I know. But hey, one day!!!!!


Even now, on this fine Monday morning, here I find myself trawling through Pinterest, avoiding the 3 applications I need to do and dreaming of things I could be making. Just to point out I have the sewing machine out and a very, very simple project pinned ready to sew, but all I keep thinking of is what else I can make, and alas the project is still perfectly pinned, laying over the back of the chair awaiting me to take a moment to complete!!!


So what are my favourite pins? The things that inspire me to most, have gorgeous colour selections and lastly just make me go awwww. When it comes to food, it is even more simple, it just looks delish!!!!!!

These are just some of the 500+ things I have pinned across my boards, some I have tried, some I am still to try and others I just love to look at! Each pic is linked to the pin on my Pinterest boards! (Note: these are not my images I don’t claim them to be, they are linked back to Pinterest which in turn will take you to their original sources)


Yet to discover Pinterest? To say you are missing out would be wrong, cause hey, everyone loves different things! But I do swear it won’t disappoint, there is things for everyone and for all ages and maybe, just maybe you might find that perfect “something” to make, buy, try or find!!!!!


So what do you pin?

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