A new month is a upon us. So what does October bring to the year – The second month of spring. Two and three quarter months to Christmas. Daylight savings starts. My dad turns another year older. My sister turns another year older. Bathurst 1000 (not really my thing but it is on all the same). Summer comp hockey starts. Final exams for my partner. Halloween. Labour day. The long weekend. Gardening. Beach. And to finish? Hopefully a weekend away, it has been 18months!!!!


It also means the sun is high, my radishes are starting to poke through, the snow peas are getting bigger and plentiful, the flowers are in full bloom, freshly baked bread has been made and new projects are being worked on. What makes your October?

sun  sprouting radishes  IMG_6532

flowers  IMG_6530 IMG_6528  IMG_6526

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