KCWC day 7!

We made it!!!! The last day is upon us!!!! So I have kept my favourite idea till last! I have always loved peter pan collar’s, especially on kids, so I wanted to make a top with a peter pan collar. No pattern just me making it up as I went along. I based the top (very loosely based) on a dress pattern to gauge the sizing, then I added gathered sleeves, a buttoned back closure and of course the peter pan collar! This top worked out better than I ever imagined!!! Sooooooooo cute! Ok, so maybe I am a little biased, but hey one has to be proud of their work right? Now the only thing I didn’t finish on this top is the button closure – I don’t have any red buttons and I WANT red buttons!!! But hey pins work just as well for taking photos hehehehe.


white top

White top collar  white top sleeve

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