Kcwc Day 5

Ok, I’m getting this post on in record time, no approaching or after 9pm here, all done before the afternoon arrives!!!! As promised, no bottoms!!! Today I was trying to think of something to make Miss M, and even though she picked out two fabrics for skirts, neither of the one’s she chose has a) enough fabric and b) is really going to work (Lets just say the fabrics she chose are more suited to a pillowcase than anything else), so alas I picked out some purple fabric (1 of her two favourite colours) and made her a top!


This top came with a bit of an adventure – the Japanese pattern book. I love these books however, with the extent of my Japanese limited to counting to 10 and saying hello and goodbye, reading the instructions is not on the cards. So how do I use them? Well, a bit like playing pairs, I just match the symbols in the book with the pattern pieces and off I go. It hasn’t failed me yet. When it comes to the actual construction the diagrams are pretty descriptive on their own, so I just follow along like I’m putting together Ikea furniture or Lego! I used a pattern as a basis to get the sizing right and then I just kinda winged it to make it work! It is basically a pillowcase dress style of sorts, with a cut out hole in the back to join the fabric ribbon. I definitely need to work on my bow construction for the future.


Another adventure was deciding to go with contrasting thread. This means wonky seams don’t blend in, but stand out for the world to see and any other boo boo’s, become just plain obvious. Why did I choose contrasting thread then? Kinda, a two way thought process – I didn’t have a colour thread to exactly match and I wanted to add details without getting too fancy. Anyway, here you go my kcwc day 5 project.


IMG_6611  IMG_6615

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