The garden is producing!!!

Yep, you read right my garden is actually producing vegetables! Why is this so exciting, considering that is why it is planted? Well, you see, I am not particularly garden friendly, I have varied success, with my most productive garden pre this one, producing, well, herbs. That’s it!!! But I certainly can’t be faulted on my enthusiasm, I love see things grow, get excited when the little green sprouts appear out of the ground, and love the therapy of watering the plants every evening!!!! So what has been produced???

N2 30th party 194  N2 30th party 195

SNOW PEA’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, so they are tiny, but HOW EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!

I also transplanted out my zucchini’s and cucumbers and planted carrots, radishes and ‘bright lights’ swiss chard! (The rest of the seedlings will be transplanted in a few more weeks)

N2 30th party 191  N2 30th party 193

I planted potatoes back on the 14 August, now they are going great guns!!!!!!

potatoes  N2 30th party 197

Now my garden is really starting to take shape……. I should probably mention I live in a unit and my garden is technically in the common ground, however the space you can see below is really ours, cause no other unit has entry on this side of the complex, so I am making the most of it!

N2 30th party 199

Ok those empty pots on the right are ear marked for those still growing seedlings!!!! If everything grows well, we should have an awesome summer of home grown produce! What have you planted so far???

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