I love looking at pics of how people keep their desks, workspaces, studies, libraries...wherever they do the majority of work. Now mine is something between workable and a disaster zone, but apparently no matter how many times I "tidy" it, there is still stuff on the table. This is pretty much as clear as it gets, sad I know! I keep saying one day it will be tidy, but meh, I have now concluded that it is a wasted thought!!!!! So what is on the desk, well the current crochet project (i didn't want to print the pattern off so I decided to just sit at the computer and crochet away), my seeds that need to be planted after arriving in the post a week ago, the phone, my partners USB/MP3 thingy, who knows what bills and .......well you get the picture you can see it!!!!!!! So are you neat freak or closer to my 'tidy'???

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